portable headphones I’m used to, but perfectly considered clamp force in addition to the spring loaded hangers create a very comfortable fitment; they are more comfortable than my Sony MDR-1A’s but also don’t feel nearly as hot over time. After enough listening, it becomes far more apparent who invested more time and effort in their mastering or who wanted to get a certain type of sound since HD800S picks ever detail that is present in the track. Each of the yokes has a left and right designator printed in silver on the rear, and adjacent to this is the cable socket. My current DAC/AMP is the Sound Blaster X7. Well, HD800S manages to playback even a normal track as vivid as a live track sounds on my Dj One Pro, and Dj One Pro is already the most detailed headphone in its class. (however I confirm with sennheiser technical support that it is normal). We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! That hole has been the centre of attention, pun very much intended, as it holds the secret to the difference between the HD800 and HD800 S. Before explaining more, it is worth re-visiting the original model and some of the good and arguably less good aspects of its design. In fact, due to their vastly superior instrument separation, details retrieved by the HD800S are easier to discern even without being particularly forward, a very interesting characteristic. but also fit them with comfort and ergonomics (as seen by the earcups, headband tension and spring loaded hangers). More like; better texture and more detailed. As the company grew, so did their product range, and in 1968 they have been credited with introducing the world's first open headphones. Thanks to Anakchan for the headphone loan, and to Kimber Cables for the cable. The HD800S have a level of design and finish that I haven’t seen on. sennheiser  I haven't heard anything which images quite like the HD800S (maybe the original HD800). Regardless, the HD800 did better than average. The HD800S from Sennheiser provides a resolving, engaging and immersive audio experience in a comfortable and practical form factor. One thing I wish you'd done is contrast these with the Audeze LCD headphones. review unit bro, was like that when I got it, worth a mention anyway. Adding shorter cables with individual one for right and one for left balanced connectors increases the sound stage. OCC Silver Plated Cable for Sennheiser Headphones - Handmade in UK. The earcups are well ventilated, so your ears won’t get too hot. Both sounded very good, very clean, and slightly on the smooth side. /pad/cover during the review I will note that and describe the sound changes. Sennheiser HD 800S: The HD800S are an incredible set of open-back headphones that’ll delight audiophiles. All rights reserved. While I’m sure many will prefer the treble response on the ie800 and original HD800, the HD800S doesn’t exhibit that splashy character that affected the ie800 and, while still ever so slightly on the thinner side, treble remains far more consistent; it just takes a few hours of adjustment coming from brighter headphones/earphones and vice versa for darker gear. HD800S did sound best with Matrix M-Stage, ifi iDSD and Hugo. I also don't want to take a chance with the treble spike if I get the regular HD 800. 99. So while the HD800S has the same kind of contrasted sound as the ie800 (that really draws attention to the extremities of its FR), the midrange performance is equally as impressive as the bass and treble. Mildly emphasised upper mid-range which gives a slightly euphonic and sweet air – particularly to female vocals. I recommend using an amp with them, like FiiO E12, FiiO A5, FiiO K5, Matrix M-Stage ifi iDSD, Hugo, or HDVD800. I really like the details and writing on HD800S, and their build quality, but it looks quite frail and unfortunately I would have a hard time taking it out of the house and I consider it's transportation to be a problem as well. Please help me. Clarity is boosted slightly, not to ie800 levels, but enough to dispel the veil in poorly mastered/older recordings without further hardening the brighter mastering techniques of more modern music. One of the things that fails to get get mentioned is running them balanced. Click & Collect. Not an easy pick.......but I prefer the older version. The HD800S take that same quality and balance but also brings male vocals just a little more forward in the mix, perfect! HD800S sounded like a HD800 that improved in the exact areas that were problematic, without loosing any of the magic found in their original. The Oppo PM1’s by contrast leak slightly more and also isolate just slightly less, which does make that last bit of difference as even the confines of our homes are not perfectly silent. This makes the most sense if you've seen the Qualia 010. The front also features in image of the left hand ear-cup, and the simple slogan “crafter for perfection”. Their price is very high - ridiculously so - but so is their audio quality, so you're going to chose there. Imaging, sound-stage, tonal balance, clarity, bass extension, versatility, build, comfort, Expensive (but IMO worth it), cable relatively heavy and prone to twisting, For larger views of the photos (1200 x 800) - please click on the individual images. Works 100% perfectly, and is in excellent cosmetic condition. From design and build through to fit and finish, the HD800S is definitely TOTL and one of the best dynamic circum-aural open headphones you can buy today. Features. Soundstage of HD800S is expansive, separation is good, the soundstage is vivid and detailed, depth, height and width are all incredible for a headphone. headphones clamp stronger the further they are bent out, but the Sennheisers comfortably accommodate larger head sizes. For comfort overall, I rank a well broken in HD600 and HD800 pretty similar. HD800 is amazing at recovering those details. Finally again we look at price, and this time the difference is a gulf with the HD800S being 4-5 times the price of an HD600 on the used market. The open-back design showcases the very space age looking drivers and the fabric interior similarly impresses with embossed. If one is an orthohead, it’s possible that the HD800S’s sound – like practically all other dynamic headphones – will not be finally satisfying. Website URL. It wasn't until recently that I actually had a chance to sit down and have a proper listen with a pair, and only thanks to Anakchan offering to lend me his pair. It includes premium Rhodium Furutech Connectors that both look and sound amazing! Sennheiser is committed to providing audio solutions to help you live, work, learn, communicate, collaborate, and create in a world of constant change. My mother played both violin and piano, my brother and I both played guitar (he was actually in a band in his younger years), and I have grown up around live instruments and live performances my entire life. A modern classic, Sennheiser’s reference class HD 800 headphones deliver sound that is as natural as possible and true in every detail. The HD800 has a peak at 6.3 kHz, lower than most, and making them sound brighter than average. Micro details clearly presented – from the sounds of fingers sliding on strings through to singers drawing a breath. If that isn’t the ultimate happiness of an audiophile, I’m not sure what is. the sound is clear, vivid, lively, bright, fast, solid, precise; The soundstage is amazing, and instrument separation good. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in another review, but I believe that the hallmark of a great headphone is its soundstage. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The tonality on HD800S is pretty much flat and neutral, with a smidgen of bass and a sprinkle of treble to it - but still not colored nor bass heavy nor necessarily bright. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the HD800S is the ultimate headphone, Sennheiser themselves make the Orpheus, an even more extravagant headphone at an equally unobtainable price tag of $50,000. The subtly ridged silver accents really complement the grey frame and the matte finish doesn’t mark up nearly as much as other matte finished headphones I’ve owned. I've heard many fine headphones in my time on Head-Fi – including the LCD2 and 3, top line Grados, and many others – particularly at our local meet. Quantity: Add to Shopping Cart. Fantastic comfort. This time when switching between LD MKIV (or Enterprise) and the K5 + E17K there was very little noticeable difference. Perhaps I need more time. Together with HDVD800 which is another 1700$, you get an end game setup after which there isn't that much more space left to explore. Eddie's voice has perfect timbre and texture, and the detail in the cymbals and acoustic guitar in “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter ...” is utterly addicting. StereoNET (Australia) is part of an international network of publications owned wholly by Sound Media Group (Australia). There is absolutely no attenuation from the outside noise; if you don't have any music playing on while wearing them, you're going to hear things almost as if you're not wearing them at all. iDSD + HD800S = iDSD + VE Enterprise + HD800S. Covering these surfaces to varying degrees with felt, foam or perforated non-slip matting seems to improve things considerably, reducing the internal reflections. The HD800S will be returned this week to the next tour recipient. When the HD800S starts shipping I suspect that some buyers are going to want to sell the Sennheiser balanced cable that comes with it because they only have a single-ended amp. Ah, so for the sake of accuracy it has to be a no. IT is exactly how it should be, like ie800. The first time I heard an HD800 was when AVstore was still in their old headquarters. if any other headphones including those from Fostex and Oppo. You will hear music coming from where it was placed relative to the microphone or where it was placed in the mix just as if you were there during the performance. Basically the amp is picking up some USB noise from the mouse. hd800s  Using that program, the HD800 and HD800S sound VERY similar now. I think cheap, compared to HE-1000, LCD-4. The upper midrange tells a similar story. The HD600 remains for me the one headphone I've consistently gone back to, and that never ceases to wow me. All of those amps can drive HD800 well, but the sound will improve with better amps. One of the best things about the HD800S is that its not particularly picky (IMO) regarding source or amplification. The cable is 3m long (there are two of them), and both utilise silver plated copper wiring which is in balanced configuration (separate signal and ground for each side). Submit. The HD800S also isn’t particularly prone to oil marks and scuffing which is surprising given the finish of choice. While I had a hard time believing those comments on the internet comparing the HD800 to listening to a good set of bookshelf or home theatre speakers, in usage, the headphones exaggerated imaging and soundstage performance does these exaggerated comments justice. This suits me perfectly as it it the ultimate small form factor for a desk set-up which keeps clutter to a minimum. Sennheiser HD800S reference class headphones $ 1,839 Was $ 2,599 A modern classic, Sennheiser’s reference class HD 800 headphones deliver sound that is as natural as possible and true in every detail. The black isn’t just on the yolk of the headphones, it’s also the headband assembly and even the driver grills. In the end, the HD800 S, when combined with good equipment, can be an amazingly pleasant pair of headphones to listen with. No actually – the HD800S is a pretty benign load if the player has a half decent amplification system, and one of the things I love doing is trying it with a reasonable portable source. There is a USB stick in the box, but no spare pads nor any other spare parts. There is a balanced cable in another bag, and also the main single ended cable nestling in its own indentation (which is covered by its own foam cover – to keep everything snug and secure). Excellent review! This is top-notch comfort and allows the HD 800 S to be worn for long periods of time. For starters, it now comes in a sleek matte black finish. Very breathable micro-fibre ear pads, wide, well-shaped headband. Yes. Depending on the song, it might need a little bit of equalization, but that is a problem with the song master, not with the HD800S itself. But apart from the cables, Sennheiser don’t include any other accessories. So again, is it worth the outlay? QED. Retried some of my comparisons, and now I'd put the HD800S + iDSD, and HD800 + iDSD + Enterprise on the same plane. Treble is interesting, it’s very crisp and very clean but not as emphasised as the ie800 or HD800 that came before it. Overall the balance, tonality and timbre are simply sublime, and all I could personally want in a headphone. For instance, my HTC 10 will drive them to adequate volumes, if barely (and I’m a low volume listener). But for those more familiar with audio, this review will be somewhat ironic; the Sennheiser HD800S needs no introduction nor do they really need another review, they are universally acclaimed (as they should be at this price). The HD800S just sounds more life-like. The weight is not too high nor too low, due to the weight distribution system working really well you won't feel any fatigue from wearing HD800S albeit they weight a hefty 330 grams. It should be noted that while these are home headphones, they have quite a stable fit on the head due to the large surface area of the pads and headband. And it is with this DAP that the HD800S absolutely shines. Ultimately, Sennheiser, masters of the dynamic driver and it was definitely a good idea on their part to stick with a technology they can draw absolute potential from. £24.95. Improving on a seemingly perfect formula is not a task undertaken lightly, but Sennheiser’s engineers have succeeded in enhancing still further the sound reproduction in the open, circumaural HD 800 S. It sounds really good out of practically everything I've tried, and sublime out of the iDSD and also the LP5 – which really was a clincher. I absolutely love listening to these phones. If anyone wants an idea of how revealing the HD800S are, I finally noticed a low level bit of noise with the Enterprise and no music playing. Awesome unit that has seen very limited use. And I think the soundstage rounds the exceptional tonality off perfectly, this is their raison d’etre in the fierce market of established headphones utilising physically superior drivers and psychoacoustics. Studio recordings have the same amount of space as live recordings do on lesser gear and live performances are simply spectacular. Also revealed are the comprehensive manual, a cleaning cloth, and USB key which has an electronic copy of the authenticity certificate and frequency response, and also a full electronic copy of the manual. © 2001-2020 Head-Fi.org. The most impressive part is the detail that there is to it. Swapping rapidly between the two was easy too – as I was simply using the DAC section of the iDSD for both, so once volume matched it was simply a matter of hot-swapping. For my preferences, that little extra punchiness is spot on and bass can generate huge authority and rumble when called for. So my subjective desktop rankings from the gear tested – ranked from top to bottom would look like this: K5+X7 (with or without the OTLs) + HD800S, K5+E17K (with or without the OTLs) + HD800S. Sennheiser HD 800 S feels like your wearing nothing. In terms of imaging, they both perform incredibly well with very precise positional cues – but the HD800 has a slightly larger sound-stage in terms of width, depth and height. I had the chance to try the Oppo with the HD800 and my conclusion was that the pairing was not the right one under many aspects: the HD800 sound was terribly dull and flat. Extremely comfortable. I believe it was that which made me feel that the sound was unnatural at first. The Sennheiser HD800 is a legendary headphone, even 11 years after its release. To wipe off any confusion, HD800S is not harsh, sibilant or bright at all. However, not everyone likes the improvement, even if it does result in a more precise sound, and sometimes one with a bit more bass. Again, the enormous soundstage really does grand action scenes justice whilst slightly accentuated clarity illuminates quiet dialogue. For me the mid-range on the HD800S is simply sublime. Female vocals have wonderful presence and clarity without becoming overbearing, there’s no sibilance but distortion from low bitrate files is quite prevalent. Notably, the HD800S is very light (330g), especially considering the size of the headphone. Unfortunately the pot doesn't have markings but I'd estimate I'm only at ¼ of the overall pot for similar volume levels. Anax mod tried to address this problem. Internally the pads have 75mm of available height and 60mm of available cavity with a depth of approximately 25-30mm, so my ears never come close to touching either the edge of the pads or the protective mesh over the transducer. So if that's the case and what sennheiser says is true, why not just call it a day and say the HD 800S is better? For this section I only really wanted to compare the HD800S to my two favourite open headphones – the legendary HD600 and the Beyerdynamic T1 (original). A full list of the gear I have owned (past and present is listed in my Head-Fi profile). There is no blind spot or space left unfilled with sound with HD800 and the depth is just as good. Australian Business Number 79 662 719 408, The Funk Firm Houdini Cartridge Decoupler Review, Panamorph Releases New Scope Lens for Sony and JVC Projectors, Sonus Faber Announces Maxima Amator Floorstanding Speakers, Technics Delivers New All-in-One for Christmas, Denon Home: Why You Should Think About Stereo Pairing, Accustic Arts POWER I MK4 Stereo Integrated Amplifier Review, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs: Charles Mingus – Ah Um Review, Unbeatable Native 4K Projector Promotion from Sony, Wireworld Introduces 8K Fibre Optic HDMI Cable Range, Classé Audio Available in Australia Once Again. I have the HD800s showing up in a couple of days can't wait!! That same level of details, same soundstage, fast transients and everything, but without that spiky treble and with a tad more bass made HD800S my new favorite headphone in less than five minutes (I've been an HD800 fan for a while now). While the effect isn’t quite pronounced as with the ie800, perhaps due to in-ears being especially prone to this phenomena, the HD800S does still have an incredibly resolving sound which reveals a similar amount of detail without fatigue. When an image was leaked, pre-announcement, nobody believed it, as the design looked more like something Sony would make. Many (many) headphones are way too smooth and convey too little treble, especially the lower and upper treble, leading to a lifeless sound and while certain headphones can be equalized to solve the problem, not all can be and it is generally a gamble to find the headphone that can be equalized enough to get all the treble where it is supposed to be. Send me the old HPBA-2 amp when you get a chance. In the HD800 S, it has been shown in measurements to reduce the bothersome 6.3 kHz treble peak. Single ended cable exposed (balanced is in bag). Sign up to discover the best news and review from StereoNET in our FREE Newsletter. I have no doubt that the HD800S will scale incredibly well with an even better source, but for now, this is best I can provide. The Sennheiser HD 800 S are better-performing audiophile headphones than the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO. The tough part was trying to compare the iDSD to the K5 + E17k or X7 – it just took too much time to swap out the sources. The open back design in addition to the microfiber earpads, long-term comfort without heating the ears. I should note here that I have heard headphones (AKG) which portray more width with Binaural tracks, but the actual impression is wrong because the instruments simply aren't as far away as portrayed. And if so is it super noticeable? Might be the slightest bit recessed compared to slightly elevated mid-bass but in perfect balance. I have Wilhelm Kempff's excellent performance, and what I'm hearing takes me back to my youth (just the player and the actual instrument are clearly superior). The torment and endless vortex of details that followed left me speechless for a while. That room had perf-board walls to damp sound, and we'd always enjoy the weird feeling of an over-damped room which, even upon entering, would mess with our voices. I've already covered the cup dimensions and covering, and apart from one small issue, they are quite possible the most comfortable headphones I've worn. The sense of depth and immersion is every bit as good as the iDSD – phenomenal performance for a transportable set-up. I know the HD 800S has better bass and the treble spike is gone but I don't want to sacrifice the sound stage if the difference is huge. Please take it all with a grain of salt - especially if it does not match your own experience. A Chord Mojo or even a Schiit Vali 2 (preferably with a better tube) are a couple of my favourite which have given me much listening pleasure, even if they don't bring out all the detail they are capable of retrieving. It's shocking when some songs that weren't that special become a true masterpiece when played back through HD800S and this effect works incredibly well with any type of music. Lastly was the TOTL Luxury & Precision LP5. Thanks again! While the Alessandro MS1’s that I recently reviewed mark the beginning of one’s entry into the audiophile lifestyle, the HD800S for many marks the end. It's really hard to describe simply how good the HD800S is – but for me when listening to an artist like Sarah Jarosz (if you haven't heard her before be sure to check out “. They copped some flak for the plastic used, even if it was intended to minimise vibration, and distortion. Crystal clear mid-range which equally portrays amazing timbre and depth in both male and female vocals. I didn’t notice the indent during wearing, it did not affect the comfort at all. For my preferences, I wouldn’t even call the midrange recessed but it definitely sounds a little more sculpted than the Oppo PM3 even if, Treble is quite natural overall, it has been toned down from the original HD800 through a similar Helmholtz resonator as used in the, (ironic since the ie800 has quite a pronounced treble response) which is used to absorb certain frequencies; in this application the treble spike at 6KHz. My very first impression was that they are spikey. Sennheiser now has more than 2700 employees globally and an annual turnover of almost 700m Euro. First up was the FiiO X7 – with the AM3 module – but running single ended. The cups don't move a lot and I would recommend not forcing the cups as I don't know how resistant to force is the mechanism, but they held pretty well on my head and moved just enough for me to adjust and feel them comfortable. To put it simply, the sub-bass on the HD800S sounds like a good set of 2.0 speakers but lacks the outright slam of a well integrated 2.1 system. SGD 2,539.00. The HD800S have a very distinct look and feature a darker colour scheme than the original HD800 which looks befittingly subdued and premium, I definitely prefer the darker tones of grey to the silver HD800. The build and materials are exactly the same as the original HD800, with a few exceptions. Sennheiser has been building high quality headphones since 1945 when Dr. Fritz Sennheiser founded the company. In addition, due to the exceptional soundstage, complex passages are reproduced with ease and refinement; the HD800S oozes that character of effortlessness that is often only glimpsed by lower end gear. The headband padding and pads themselves are covered in a very high quality material, they feel nice on the skin and won't cause sweating or irritation, even after a few good hours of usage. Learn more. Brilliant with both male and female vocals, Excellent with dynamic music – especially if it has some bass slam (incredible with rock). Another headphone with a standout soundstage around this price (that I’ve heard) includes the Bowers and Wilkins. $61.07 ... Top reviews from Australia There are 0 reviews and 0 ratings from Australia Top reviews from other countries Translate all reviews to English. Tonality and timbre are incredible. I want to know because I'll be purchasing them in the next 2 weeks. Litejazz53 and JNTEX like this. I didn’t notice any intermittency during my testing so I can affirm that Sennheiser’s choice of. The bass is so fast and tight that it is unbelievable at first since most other headphones have a natural decay. logos. Since the size of the cups was so big, I felt really comfortable without having to play around with the fit too much. Not only is the design technically fantastic, but the large cups and light-weight design makes them highly pleasant to listen with, even for long periods of time (issues with the frequency response not withstanding). Nuff said! The bass is so solid that it is going to reveal any kind of textures that are hidden within your music and it's decay is so short that you're going to have a hard time finding a faster and a tighter bass. There is no monetary incentive for a positive review and I will be as objective as possible in my evaluation of the HD800S. HD800S is picky about it's amps and is hard to drive. The overall package is simple yet elegant. I tend to be sceptical about audiophile ‘claims’, don’t generally believe in burn-in, have never heard a difference with different cables, and would rather test myself blind on perceived differences. When listening to Sonata Arctica, the violins for which I had to focus before, were upfront this time and really well expressed. I have heard nothing with this level of clarity whilst maintaining a balanced overall signature. They are also surprisingly simple in construction despite their more space age looks. The USB key includes a frequency response analysis, a copy of the authenticity certificate, and an electronic copy of the manual, nothing needed to actually run or use the headphones, but I appreciate the FR being included in the box. I remembered a number of folks on here talking about Sonarworks. The room was fairly quiet, and I simply had no reason to add more volume (there was enough clarity definition not to look for any more volume). I won't really comment on Wa22 or tube amps as I didn't experiment enough with them to be sure of how I feel about them. Lower mid-range – sounds reasonably flat to me (which is good). Very enjoyable read and a masterful review, thank you! The Sennheiser HD800S are big and bulky headphones that do not fold into a more compact format for transport. And that is where the HD800S strength lies for me – brilliance in overall resolution yet without the overall brightness which now seems a little unnatural with the T1.
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