If swallowed, call a poison control centre or get medical help right away. Hand Sanitizer / désinfectant pour les mains, Irving Hand Sanitizer - Isopropanol Sanitizer 73%, Purist Hand Sanitizer Protection Naturals, Alaska-Antiseptic Gel - Hand Sanitizer / Gel Antiseptique - Désinfectant pour les mains, 1962827 Alberta Inc. (O/A: Burwood Distillery), Chemisphere Solutions Ltd W.H.O. Chlorhexidine Gluconate; Alcohol Anhydrous, PROVON Medicated Foam Handwash with Advanced Moisturizers, Agrisan Specialty Chemical & Pharmaceutical A Division of Agrisan Inc, Antibacterial Sparay Hand Soap/Savon antibacterien en aerosol pour les mains, ZAAL Hand Sanitizer Benzalkonium Chloride Liquid, MARATHON - Savon a mains antimicrobien - Triclosan Gel, SMART-SAN Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Foam, Benzethonium Chloride Antiseptic Towelette, TC Enriched Lotion Antibacterial Hand Wash, SIGNATRY Antibacterial Plum Scent Foam Handwash Triclosan Liquid, EXCELON Antibacterial Plum Scent Foam Handwash Triclosan Liquid, PRIMORY Antibacterial Plum Scent Foam Handwash Triclosan Liquid, PRIME Antibacterial Plum Scent Foam Handwash Triclosan Liquid, Clorox Careconcepts Antibacterial Cleansing Sparay, SANIMOR Assanisseur moussant sans alcool pour les mains | SANIMOR Alcohol Free Foaming Hnad Sanitizer, Zhejiangh Hongyu Medical Commodity Co Ltd, Cintas Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer / Cintas Assainisseur moussant sans alcool pour les mains, Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash, Applaud AB Antisetic Lotionized Hand Soap, Siding 14 Brewing Company-Ethanol sanitizer 80%, Musst - Assainisseur a base d'isopropyl 71%, Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E & Aloe Vera, The Blue Elephant Inc. - Ethanol Hand Sanitizer 80%, BYD-Hand Sanitizer Aloe & Cucumber Fragrance, Distillerie Lore & Legends - Assainisseur à base d'éthanol 70%, Omy laboratoires - gel désinfectant à base d'isopropanol 65%, Mamour bio-cosmétique Gel antibactérien, Siding 14 Brewing Company-Isopropyl sanitizer 75%, ShantouShengmei Biotechnology Co., LTD - YALGET-Ethanol sanitizer 75%, Gel à main naturel désinfectant Québécois, Magiechem inc. - Assainisseur à base d'éthanol 80%v/v, Société Laurentide-assainiseur à base d'isopropanol 75%, Forbidden Spirits Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer 75%, Forbidden Distillery Inc. Dba Forbidden Spirits Distillery, Désinfectant pour les mains à base d'éthanol 70%, Duha Color Services Ltd. - Ethanol Sanitizer 80%, Nascent Naturals Gel Ethanol Sanitizer 70%, Purenature Hand sanitizer 70% isopropanol, Hand Sanitizer Spray Isopropyl Alcohol 70%, 1593688 AB LTD o/a Strathcona Spirits Distillery, Chemisphere Solutions Ltd w.h.o. This hand sanitizer contains technical-grade ethanol, which Health Canada authorized on a temporary basis for use in hand sanitizers in Canada to address increased demand due … Hand Sanitizers. inc (723333886), Nettoyant à mains à base d'alcool isopropylique à 70%, Cabin Fever Essentials Hand Sanitizing Spray, Nettoyant purifiant sans eau antibactérien, Purple Martin Naturals Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 75%, Rexall Laboratories and Chemicals-Isopropyl alcohol sanitizer 70%, Juhwan Bio.Cell Co. Ltd-Ethanol Hand Sanitizer 70%, Pur-T-Gel - Assainisseur à base d'isopropanol 72%, Taynton Bay Spirits Ethanol Sanitizer 80%, Allergy Canada 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, Refresh Hand Sanitizer - Isopropyl Alcohol 70%, Boatskeg Distilling Liquid Hand Sanitizer 75%, Munday - Hand Sanitizer Spritz Antiseptic Alcohol 80%, O'milles Aromes, Solution Hydroalcoolique, GTA Fleet Solutions Inc. o/a Front Line Emergency Vehicles, Cleace-Instant And Sanitizer Contain 75% ethyl Alcohol, Healing Bees - 73% Isopropyl alcohol sanitizer, Jensens Pure - 75% Ethyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, Disposable hand sanitizer- Ethanol sanitizer 65%, Safe Good Hand Gel - Ethanol sanitizer 62%, X-Tinguisher Hand Sanitizer Liquid 70% Ethanol, Marianna Naturals Lemon Hand Sanitizer 60%, Elleybear Hand Smoothing Gel - Ethanol 64%, Heads & Tails Distilleries Sanitizing Hand Rub, Simply At Home Inc - Ethyl Alcohol Sanitizer 75%, WipeOnUs.com-Isopropyl alcohol sanitizer 75%, Jensens Pure - 80% Ethyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, Clans Instant Hand Sanitizer (75% Ethanol), Neptune Wellness Solutions Hand Sanitizer Gel, AOMI Hand Sanitizer - Ethanol Sanitizer 70%, Jensens Pure - 70% Ethyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, Hand Guardian 80% (v/v) Ethanol Sanitizer DB, Hand Guardian 80% (v/v) Ethanol Sanitizer SO, Hand Guardian 80% (v/v) Ethanol Sanitizer SD3-DB, Hand Guardian 80% (v/v) Ethanol Sanitizer SD3-SO, Victory Barber & Brand Hand Sanitizer - Alcohol Antiseptic 80%, Greenwood Distillers-Ethanol sanitizer 70%, Hand Guardian (v/v) Alcohol Sanitizer IPA, Ace Pharmaceutical - Ethanol Hand Sanitizer Gel 62%, AG - Isopropanol Hand Sanitizer Gel Fragrance Free, Refmax-Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel 65%, Eco ChemLabs (Locanz) - Eco ChemLabs -Ethanol Sanitizer - 70%, Caledon Hand Sanitizer, 75% Isopropyl Alcohol, DynaPro Health - Isopropyl Alcohol Sanitizer 69.3% (primary brand name), Pinkerton Laboratories (3087-9076 Quebec Inc.), De Flore Orchard 50 ml Ethanol Sanitizer 75% with Softening Aloe, AG - Isopropanol hand Sanitizer Spray Fragrance Free, AeroCleanse Hand Sanitizer Gel Ethanol 70%, AG - Ethanol Hand Sanitizer Spray Fragrance Free, Northwest Biotechnology 75% Ethyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, Clouds Distribution Inc. Isopropanol Sanitizer 75%, Foodarom Assainisseur pour les mains à base d'éthanol 70% Enping Jiaxin Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. Wessam Manqaruos Importing And Exporting Services, Désinfectant Pour Les Mains Gel Beauchamp. Yes, every order is shipped via Canada Post and will have a tracking number assigned to it. Add to wishlist. Imports Inc / Les Importations Wateraco Inc. Heretic Spirits - Ethanol Hand Sanitizer 80%, Am Innovative Consulting Inc. - Ethanol Hand Sanitizer 70%, V Medcare Antibacterial Cleanser Hand Sanitizer Gel, Luxe Health 74% Ethanol Foam Hand Sanitizer (2.5% Foam), Wet Look Janitorial & Gardening Corp O/A WLJ Distribution, CanaSan Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer with Aloe, Amazing Balance International Inc. o/a Ellie Bianca, Désinfectant Pour Les Mains- Usage Commercial, Classik - Assainisseur pour Mains à base d'alcool Isopropylique 70%, Healzy Hand Sanitizer Liquid 75% Ethyl Alcohol, S & Co. Wellness - Ethanol Hand sanitizer 70%, All Clean Natural Clean Cotton Sanitizing Wipes. Hand sanitizers that contain unacceptable grades of ethanol or denaturants that are not approved for sale in Canada have not been reviewed for safety or efficacy. Woman applying hand sanitizer. Isopropyl alcohol 65%. After initially reporting that counterfeit versions of Daily Shield hand sanitizer had been sold at locations in Thunder Bay, Ontario, the federal health department has now recalled the product in all retail locations across Canada, effective immediately. CPU Global Windows Doors and Wintergardens Inc. Hawke Probate Distillation Services Inc.- Ethanol sanitizer 70%, Five oceans health- Isopropyl Alcohol sanitizer 75 %, Loris 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Solution, UQAC - Gel hydro-alcoolique à base d'éthanol 75%, Pure 5 Étoiles Assainiseur Isopropanol 70 %, Nettoyant antiseptique pour les mains à base d'alcool 75%, Assendire Therapeutics-Ethanol sanitizer 72%, ORCHIDEN Enriched Hand Sanitizing Gel-Ethanol 70%, T.Langhans Hand Sanitizer 75% Isopropyl Alcohol, Secret Age Hand Sanitizer Gel (Ethanol 70%), Beauty Nut - Isopropyl hand sanitizer 75%, Lalema - Assainisseur à base d'alcool isopropylique, Nascent Naturals Spray Ethanol Sanitizer 70%, Lalema - Assainisseur à base d'alcool liquide, O'DWYER - Assainisseur à base d'éthanol 70%, Spirited Botanicals Liquid Hand Sanitizer 80%, Hownature Instant Hand Sanitizer (75% Ethanol), Hodge Naturals Isopropyl alcohol sanitizer 70%, iHospitality Inc. / Integrated Strategic Solutions, Premium Liquid Labs - Isopropyl Alcohol 75%, Alcoogel - Assainisseur à base d'isopropanol 70% V/V, Sani-loe - Isopropyl Alcohol sanitizer 70%, NewAgco Ethanol Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera, AG Hand Sanitizer Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, NewAgco Isopropanol Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera, Abdito - Ethanol sanitizer 70% (primary brand name), Bacteria Blaster 80% Ethanol Hand Sanitizer, Medicle Clean Hand Sanitizer Gel-Ethanol 70%, GHA Québec - Désinfectant pour les mains, Désinfectant base d'alcool Isopropylène à 65%, Deljine- 70% Ethyl alcohol gel hand sanitizer, 2587199 Ontario Inc., dba Chemstation Toronto, The Affinity Gallery No. Bowen Biological Pharmaceuticals (Canada) Inc. Ltd. Concept Manufacturing Ltd -Ethanol Sanitizer 75%, Lorenz Sales International Inc. o/a Germ Solutions, North Spirit Distillery - Ethanol Sanitizer 80%, Canadian Standard Hand Sanitizer Alcohol 75%, Campbell Industrial Corp. - Hand Sanitizer 72%, W.H.O. Natureland Products Ltd. / Pacific Western Brewing Co. Organic Matter RES-Q Sanitizer Spray 80% Alcohol. (Liberterre Apothecary), Window Cleaning Depot Inc. O/A Happy Hands, Canadian Financial & Management Consultancy Inc. (CFMC Inc.), Zack Consulting Inc. DBA HEW Technologies, Sangster's - Ethanol Sanitizer 80% (Primary Brand Name), ChemBrite Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, Rose Toronto - Ethanol Sanitizer 65% Lavender Scented, Gagetown Distilling & Cidery Handsanitizer 75%, Gagetown Food & Fermentation(G.F.F.) Washing your hands is … Connection Textile Sourcing & Trading Co. Diamant -Gel Désinfectant pour les mains, Junction 56 Distillery Hand Sanitizer Gel, Impax Health Inc. - Ethanol sanitizer 70%, Maritime Cleaning Specialists Ltd o/a Mcs Sanitation, Wet Look Janitorial & Gardening Corp O/A Wlj Distribution, Clayton Shagal - Assainisseur a base d'alcool isopropylique 62%, ProClean Hand Sanitizer Gel FG Ethanol 70%, 4. Import Export Beauchamp International Inc. Bio-Actif Nettoyant Antiseptique Pour Les Mains. Hand Sanitizer Gel; Pharmasave Hand Sanitizer Gel; Rexall Hand Sanitizer With Vitamin E, Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel;Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer, Purell 70 Instant Hand Sanitizer Moisturizing Foam; 70% Ethyl Alcohol, Disinfectant Pour Les Mains / Hand Sanitizer Réservé, Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel Vf481 Tm, Azuro 80% Alcohol - Alcool Gel Unscented - Non Parfumé, Gel Désinfectant Pour Les Mains / Hand Sanitizer Bacti Control; Disney, Hand Sanitizer; Life Brand Hand Sanitizer; Rexall Hand Sanitizer; Up & Up Hand Sanitizer, Alcoscrub Instant Antiseptic Hand Cleanser, One Step Extra Strength Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer; Hand Sanitizer Gel - Vitamin E; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer - Apple Pomegranate; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer - Coconut Cream; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer - Coconut Papaya; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer - Country Apple; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer - Evergreen; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer - Fresh Water; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer - Gingerbread; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer, Purell Personal Pack Sanitizing Wipes;Purell Alcohol Formulation Sanitizing Wipes, Delon Hand Sanitizer Gel With Aloe Vera; Compliments Hand Sanitizer Gel With Aloe Vera; Rexall Hand Sanitizer Gel With Aloe Vera, Sanitizer Spray; Life Brand Sanitizer Spray, Push Non Parfumé; Stérilinet Non Parfumé, State Gentle Fresh Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer. Scroll to shop our favourite made-in-Canada hand sanitizers. The company also has a reputable hand sanitizer brand called 7T, which is fragrance-free and with moisturizers and refreshing formulations. Factors Group Of Nutritional Companies Inc. Pacific Rim Distilling- Ethanol Sanitizer 75%, Cosmétiques France Laure - Antiseptique Pour Les Mains 70%, Dynapro Health - Isopropyl Alcohol Sanitizer 70%, Alberta Bullet 2 Unscented Ethanol Hand Rub, The Australian Wellness Co. Note: This list is updated regularly, so please check back often. Hongyuan Zhenghe Holdings (Shenzen) Co., Ltd. 2235721 Alberta Ltd. / Sunshine Environmental, Dove Care & Protect Hand Wash Antibacterial, Bleu Lavande Désinfectant Pour Les Mains, Oligo Professionnel -Ethanol Hand Sanitizer 70%, Wild Roots Crafting Co 70% Ethyl Sanitizer, Laboratoires Colba - Nettoyant Antiseptique pour les mains à base d'alcool à 70%, Hand Sanitizer 65% Ethanol - Lavender Scent, 1289758 Ontario Inc (Operating as Cotton House), Eveline Charles Germ Stop Instant Sanitizing Wipes, Gel désinfectant avec collagène et aloes, AM Innovative Consulting Inc. - Ethanol Sanitizer 68%, 12124238 Canada Inc. DBA The Majkot Group, MICCA - Assainisseur en gel pour les mains à base d'éthanol 70%, Alphasol 75% 2-Propanol Hand Sanitizer Liquid, Alphasol 75% 2-Propanol Hand Sanitizer Gel, Foodarom assainisseur pour les mains à base d'éthanol 70% (avec Aloe Vera), Emterra Group - Hand Sanitizer - Ethanol 80%, Sani Vend Hand Sanitizer Liquid - 80% Ethanol, Oligo Pprofessionnel -Ethanol Hand Sanitizer 70%, Bootlegger Distillery-Ethanol sanitizer 80%, BlueCedar_Instant Hand Sanitizer with ethyl Alcohol 75%, Cure Medic Hand Sanitizer Gel (Ethanol) 70%. AM Innovative Consulting Inc - Ethanol sanitizer 70%, Gel assainissant antibactérien pour les mains, AeroCleanse Hand Sanitizer Liquid Ethanol 80%, Jensens Pure Hand Sanitizer 70% Ethyl Alcohol, Kingkey MBC Life Technology Group Co. Ltd, AG - Ethanol Hand Sanitizer Gel Fragrance Free, Ace Pharmaceutical - Ethanol Hand Sanitizer Liquid Spray 70%, Bleu Lavande Désinfectant pour les mains, Thames River Chemical - Ethanol Sanitizer 75%, Exo gel désinfectant pour les mains 80% alcool, Pristine Clean Hand Sanitizer 70% Alcohol, Bug Elimination And Prevention Corporation (Beacop), Les Laboratoires Vaporus - Gel désinfectant pour les mains à l'éthanol (77% v/v), Antiseptique pour les mains isopropanol 70 %, Albatross Aircraft Detailing Alcohol Antiseptic 80%, Hand Care Shop Hand Sanitizer - with 62% alcohol, Nadin - Assainisseur à base d'éthanol 65%, Bean's Natural Skin Care Isopropyl 70% Hand Sanitizer, Crean Care Hand Sanitizer- ethanol sanitizer 62% (primary brand name), Pure-Shield désinfectant pour les mains à base d'alcool isopropylique 75%, Les Peintures Industrielles Glass Shield Ltee, First Chemical Limited- Ethanol Sanitizer 62%. Manofoam Antiseptique Pour Mains /Hand Sanitizer, Sanitize Me Hand Sanitizer Gel Unscented with Aloe, Hill Dermaceuticals, Inc.-Isopropyl Alcohol sanitizer 75%, Sanihealth Hand Sanitizer Isopropyl Alcohol USP 70%, Young Spirit Supplies - 75% Ethanol Gel Sanitizer, Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer, Light Elegance LEpro Hand Sanitizer- 70% Isopropanol. OTTAWA, ON, Nov. 27, 2020 /CNW/ - Health Canada is advising Canadians that the following hand sanitizers are being recalled because they … In … Find top rated office supplies & save big with Staples Canada. A licensing process is in place for applicants who wish to seek the necessary authorizations from Health Canada to manufacture and sell alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Ltd. DBA Smart Move Medical Supplies. Ecological - Hand Sanitizer Gel - Fragrance Free - Alcohol Free - Moisturizing with Aloe Vera - 6 pack o… Canada Zhong Sheng Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. Amazon.ca is a trademark of Amazon.com, Inc. Over 1,000 Results in Health & Personal Care › Health Care › First Aid › Antiseptics & Disinfectants › Hand Sanitizers. Intega Sciences de la Peau Inc./ Intega Skin Sciences Inc. GFL Environmental Inc - Isopropyl Alcohol Sanitizer 75%, Désinfectant pour les mains-Éthanol 80%, Germicure Gel Antiseptique à l'éthanol 70 %, Distillerie Vent du Nord. Triton Liquid Hand Sanitizer in a commercial size 20L format effectively kills harmful bacteria and germs on hands Made for personal hand hygiene to help prevent the spread of bacteria Product is liquid, recommended for spray dispensers Alcohol-based liquid handrub formula antiseptic skin cleanser Watera&Co. Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc. 2371589 Ontario Inc o/a Georgian Bay Spirit Co. ALASKA- Antiseptic Gel - Hand Sanitizer / Gel Antiseptique - Désinfectant pour les mains, Kleen RX Hand Sanitizer Gel/Sunna Pure Hand Sanitizer Gel/Hands Out, Polonée Distillery - Ethanol Sanitizer 80%, PBG BioPharma Inc.-delete-please use 45904, QVL Pro-Pure - Assainisseur à base d'Alcohol Isopropyl 75%, Ferlow Botanicals Hand Sanitizer with Aloe & Neem, Distillerie Mitis - Solution antiseptique pour les mains à base d'éthanol 70%, Purenature Hand sanitizer 70% ethyl alcohol, IPA Purist Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Aloe, Gel désinfectant avec collagène - agent revitalisant Nutra Forme, Sazerac WHO Hand Sanatizer Solution 80 % alc, Creative Chemistry Solutions - 70% Ethanol, Omy laboratoires - gel désinfectant à base d'éthanol 70%, Isoplex - Isopropyl Alcohol sanitizer 70%, Government of the Northwest Territories - Taiga Environmental Laboratory, Désinfectant pour les mains - Isopropanol 75%, Nutriart - WHO recommended handrub formulation - Ethanol 80 %, IPA Purist Hand Sanitizer Protection Naturals, Athleticare - No-Rinse Hand Sanitizing Gel (AC 575), ELTRADERM Hand Sanitizer - 70 % Ethyl Alcohol.