TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
mitsubishi WD73735 clicks... thats it.
Mitsubishi WD60638 White dots on the picture
Mitsubishi WD65731 TV is on for a few minutes then shuts down. Standby light blinking red.
mits ws55315 2-1 blink says main on dto
MITSUBISHI WD52628 At plug in a relay clicks, POWER/TIMER green indicator flashes for about 1 min, short pause, flashes 3 times, long pause (about 1 min) and the cycle repeats.
Mitsubishi WD60638 Color begins to flicker after warmup
mitsubishi WD60735 no video has sound gives code 66 ,hv conections
MITSUBISHI WS55613 Convergence off.
Mitsubishi WD60C10 dead/ blows 10 amp fuse
Mitsubishi WD60C9, WD65C9, WD73C9 Logo w/flashing LED then shutdown
MITSUBISHI WS55909 Doesn't come on, indicator keeps flashing at a fast pace.
Mitsubishi WS65513 No video/audio/channel
MITSUBISHI WD52725 Rotating diagonal interference lines, OSD OK.
Mitsubishi WD60735 Short Lamp Life
Mitsubishi WT42313 K20 chassis WT42313 Appeared to go into Shutdown/Won't power on
Mitsubishi WT42313 Appeared to go into Shutdown/Won't power on
Mitsubishi CS40307 Set starts and immediately shuts down
Mitsubishi WD37837 Comes on with blue screen and logo then complete shutdown with no LED flashing
MITSUBISHI WS65909 Doesn't come up. Indicator keeps flashing at a rapid pace.
mitsubishi VS55707 unstable/rolling vertical and tearing horizontal .
Mitsubishi HD1000 Wont power up status lite on.
mitsubishi WS65315 shutdown
MITSUBISHI WS55411 Bad convergence, especially green.
Mitsubishi VS60607 Turns on and immediately turns off
Mitsubishi CRT Proj. VS50603 Clicks, red power led comes on momentarily than shuts off. No error code.
mitsubishi WD62725 lines in video, changes w video
mitsubishi WD52725 loud, low pitch spinning noise, lamp light.
MITSUBISHI WD60735 white spots on screen
Mitsubishi WD57732 Dead
mitsubishi WD65838 led timer blinking gleen all the time