There are no reviews yet. What sets the PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells apart from conventional adjustable dumbbells is their innovative nested design, which allows you to effectively replace an entire roomful of fixed-weight dumbbells with two compact blocks that can be easily stowed in a corner when not in use. Below, we’ll take a look at the specific features of each series. If you put the block holder with 2 inserts into another 10lb block, you get 20lb. These dumbbells are a great addition to any home gym. I was lucky enough to get these at the retail price and I'm glad I did. PRO 50 Powerblocks Has weight range from 5-50 lbs Replaces 20 pairs of dumbbells or 1050 lbs of free weights Includes two 2.5 lb chrome weights per handle at no charge to micro-load weight adjustments in 2.5 lb increments Allows every 2.5 lb increment from 5-50 lbs Increments: 2.5 (adder weight), 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20 22.5, 25, 27.5, 30, 32.5, 35, 37.5, 40, 42.5, 45, 47.5 and 50 … In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at how the features of the PowerBlock system and how it differs from other types of adjustable dumbbells. The PRO EXP is expandable up to 70 and 90lbs, whereas the Pro 50 set cannot be expanded. The Pro 50 Set has a weight range of 5-50lbs per hand, gives every 2.5 lb increment, and replaces 20 pairs of dumbbells in the space of 1 pair; Replaces 20 pairs of dumbbells, the equivalent of 1049 lbs of free weights. Often times they simply feel too big (I will add in a disclaimer that the Urethane series that I reviewed, is supposedly thicker than the standard elite model). SKU: PB-PRO32. PowerBlock Sport 50 Adjustable Dumbbell Set / Pair (10 - 50 lbs) 552. $ 429.00 Add to cart; Pro EXP Set, 5-50 lb. and later the Pro EXP Stage 3 kit to reach 90lbs. Reviewed in the United States on June 29, 2020. i only received half of the product, the products is awesome but its a shame that it was missing the other dumbbell, i love shopping in amazon, i just hope that the deliveries were more accurate. For example, if I want to go from a weight of 20lbs (9kg) to 30lbs, all I have to do is take out the selector pin and move it down one level. At no more than 12 inches in length and 6.5 inches in width, an Elite 50 can easily be packed into a corner when not in use. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Initially, I was using a pair of cheap adjustable cast iron dumbbells which lacked quality and therefore hindered my workout gains. And they’re not user friendly: the four pins used to adjust the number of plates are hard to line up (one is already bending, yet I’ve only had them a few weeks) then the smaller 2.5lb adjuster weights require you to take the handles / plates apart between each set to change them. The Pro series is split up into the Pro 50 and the PRO EXP models. The Elite Series effectively replaces 825 pounds of fixed-weight dumbbells. Dear reader, I hope that you are reading this post-pandemic and having a chuckle at how crazy the market for home fitness equipment was in 2020... Powerblocks mis-advertises its dumbbells on quality and function, Reviewed in the United States on August 22, 2020. View Product-Column Stand Rated … Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2020. PowerBlock EZ Curl Bar $ 129.00 Add to cart; PowerBlock Straight Bar $ 129.00 Add to cart; Pro 32 Set, 4-32 lb. Price: $$$ Rating: 4.5 stars. The only action on your part is to remember to slide the lock. It gets a little complicated if I want to go from 20lbs (9kg) to 25lbs (11.5kg). PowerBlock Pro 32 Set, 4-32 lb. Free shipping. PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell Weights - 24 lbs Set of 2 Grey . To make such a weight increase doesn’t take up much time because increasing your weight by 10lbs (4.5kg) is quick as this only involves moving the selector pin higher or lower. Adjustable Dumbbell Set. Now let’s say from here I want to next increase my weight from 25 lbs (11.5kg) to 27.5 lbs (12.5kg). However, this review is still valid as the system and mechanics of all PowerBlock Dumbbells are relatively the same. First off, I was fortunate enough to buy mine just over a week ago for just under $400. This thread is archived. I’ll be buying the add-ons eventually. Love the laminated quality. These dumbbells have a maximum weight of 24 pounds per hand, making them ideal for fast-paced workouts consisting of high-repetition sets. The current lineup of dumbbells consists of: All PowerBlock models share the same nested design consisting of a handle, weight plates, a dial lock, padded wrist supports, side rails, a tether cord, and a selector pin. The expandable versions are not available via Amazon, and you may have to purchase through their website. Unlike the Elite Series and the Pro EXP Series, the Personal Trainer Series is not expandable. Offering a weight range of 10-50lbs (4.5kg-22.7kg) per hand in 5lbs increments, the PowerBlock Pro 50 are compact and space-saving adjustable dumbbells for versatile and effective strength training sessions. Look them up! Unfortunately I can’t do that without forgoing my own health and wellness routine (coronavirus). They are pinned up to the wall in my newly created exercise room right above my PowerBlock weights. The ability to increase or decrease weights quickly is essential when performing fast-paced or super-set type workouts. Featuring a patented selector pin for easy adjustment, the set adapts like a selector stack machine you’d see at the gym. You can imagine that if you are following a home workout program on DVD all these changes could potentially slow your workout down. The advanced design reduces clutter and substitutes nine pairs of dumbbells in the space of one. PowerBlock Straight Bar $ 129.00 Add to cart; Large Column Stand $ 129.00 Add to cart; Sport EXP Set, 5-70 lb. PRO EXP SET PRICING: 5-50 Set…$629 SALE $439 5-70 Set…$828 SALE $588 5-90 Set…$1027 SALE $737 PRO EXPANSION KIT PRICING: Stage 2 Kit 50-70lb … Despite the selector pin on my U90s being bendy plastic, I don’t see them breaking any time soon unless I go out of my way to purposely break them. The noise, however, isn’t too distracting and you do get used to it over time. PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells are incredibly durable, offering years of use without needing maintenance or repair. The second point is that I have found that despite the elaborate system of the PowerBlocks, it’s still a lot quicker than changing weights on the traditional spin-lock dumbbells where you have to unscrew the ends. In my two years of using my PowerBlocks, I have never had anything break nor have I had to fix anything or tighten any loose nuts or bolts (although it would be good practice to do so anyway). I got a set for the pandemic and the balance is terrible: the uneven distribution of weight torques your wrist as you move through a motion. The weight of the blocks holder is 5lb. This is somewhat linked to the speed of the weight change discussed above, but this section focuses on how smooth the process of changing the weights is. LOCATION (858) 560-85885; … PowerBlock Pro 50 Adjustable Dumbbells Review. You could fill your facility with a full set of 18 pairs of dumbbells. The PowerBlock is currently discontinued, but rumors abound of a new model emerging in the next year, so be sure to check it out when they do hit stores. The only notable noise that the PowerBlocks emits is if you have the adder weights in the core when performing reps. With enough time you’ll be making these changes almost automatically. Powerblock Sport 50 Dumbbell replaces 10 individual dumbbells; Non-slip, contoured handles for comfortable grip and control; Adjustable weight range from 5 to 50 lbs (2.2 to 22.6 kg) Space saving design eliminates clutter in your home; Increments: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 lbs PowerBlock was founded in 1991 by specialty fitness equipment designers who became friends while designing equipment for several companies including Parabody and Cybex. No cracks, chips or loosening up of the screws. PowerBlock, if you're listening, PLEASE do a better job of communicating this information on your website. The other disadvantage is the ‘blocky nature’ of the PowerBlock Dumbbells. A while back I decided that it was time to get myself a new pair of adjustable dumbbells to take my workouts to the next level. Whilst the shape should allow you to use them in the same way other dumbbells do, I did have a couple of issues with the shape. This high weight limit makes the PowerBlock an ideal choice for lifters of all levels which not all other adjustable dumbbells offer. As a reminder, the weights I used were the Urethane coated which is now unique to the PRO series PowerBlock Dumbbells. The time had come to invest in an adjustable dumbbell set that was known for its quality and would also solve some of the issues I had experienced with my first pair of adjustable dumbbells. They back it up with what may be the world's best customer service as well! Featuring an innovative design, built-in wrist guards, and a wide weight range, this unique set of dumbbells is ideal for fitness enthusiasts of all levels – from those just starting out with lifting to professional athletes and powerlifters. $60.00 shipping. The weight can be adjusted by increments of 2.5 pounds using PowerBlock’s specially designed adder weights. I own both Bowflex and PowerBlock and the PowerBlock is a better overall build. Call for best pricing! These items must be purchased separately. Together it's 10LB. In fact, the PowerBlock Pro 50 Set includes 5 to 50lbs dumbbells (adjustable in 2.5 lb increments) and takes up less than 2 square feet in a gym. The Sport Series is PowerBlock’s third generation of adjustable dumbbells. To make this shift you would have to take out the main core, then slide the lock open and remove the two adder weights, then put the core back in then move the selector pin down a notch. So, what exactly is the PowerBlock system, and how does it work? This makes them ideal for home gyms or commercial gyms that are smaller in size. Reviews There are no reviews yet. For me, this is more of an annoyance than a safety issue but really it falls into both categories. The manufacturer charges about $450 for the set and announces when they have stock on their instagram and twitter feeds. PowerBlock doesn't just manufacture the "World's Best Dumbbell." That said, most users find that the PowerBlock’s design works as a sort of self-contained storage system. To select your desired weight, you simply move a selector pin to a colour-coded block representing the weight you want. Amazon Reviews. PowerBlock Sport 50. $ 588.00 Read more; Pro EXP Set, 5-90 lb. save. In this post, I’ll note my own personal experience with the PowerBlocks having used them for the past two years including a review of the features, a look at the different models available, benefits, disadvantages, and most important of all, whether the PowerBlocks are worth the price. PowerBlock Pro 50 Set, 5-50 lb. Or, you could choose a set of PowerBlock Pro 175 Commercial Set (12.5-175 lbs) Adjustable Dumbbells! Furthermore, the expandable models allow you to add weight as you need it instead of having to invest in an entire set of weights all at once. If you want to adjust the weight by 2.5-pound increments, you need to manually place adder weights on the dumbbells, which can slow down your workout. Name Email Required. The PRO EXP is expandable up to 70 and 90lbs, whereas the Pro 50 set cannot be expanded. But not from even to odd: no 12.5, no 22.5. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Contoured TPR comfort handles offer a sure grip Pro 50. PowerBlock Pro 175 Commercial Set (12.5-175 lbs) – Adjustable Dumbbells. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Weight Range: 10-50 LBS per hand in 5 LB increments This is the price, give or take fifty bucks. I’d say these are only suitable for people who are new to exercising and fitness, except they’re the most expensive product on the market... Can’t see a reason to recommend them to anyone. The only safety issue is the one I discussed before regarding the way the corners kept getting snagged on my clothing (I understand that this issue may have been addressed on the newer models).