TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
SAMSUNG HLS5686WX/XAA ver. PBD2 Shuts off after about 30 sec, all indicators flashing.
Samsung HLT6187S Takes a long time to turn on. Audio started making popping noises.
Samsung LNT3242H/XAA No power. Has standby.
Samsung TC2550S retrace lines at top of screen
Samsung HLT5676SX/XAA Lamp does not strike.
SAMSUNG HLS5086WX/XAA ver. PB01 Shuts off after 2 min. All indicators flashing.
Samsung HLT6187SX/XAA Sound, no picture.
Samsung LN46C630K1FXZA Customer complains that When unit first comes on it has vertical lines on the screen for about 10 minutes and then works OK. Of course the unit did not do it for me but I suspected the TCon or a bad panel by the description.
Samsung LN32B360c5d Dead after lightning
Samsung PN51D530 Just clicks but won't start.
Samsung LN32A330J1D CK02 Solarized picture.
Samsung LN32A450 No power. Has Standby but no 24v.
Samsung UN55C6300 LED Would not come on. Power Supply clicking
Samsung HLT4675SX/XAA Cycles 3 times lamp wont strike, no click from ballast; color-wheel free wheeling.
Samsung PN51D450A2DXZA Customer heard a pop. Then sound but no picture.
Samsung hlt5656w Have picture for 5 seconds before shutdown
Samsung LN32B360C5D Dead no power
SAMSUNG LNT3242HX/XAA Doesn't come on.
SAMSUNG HPT4254X/XAA Version SK01 Doesn't come on, indicator only.
samsung LN32B360 dead no standby voltage
SAMSUNG LN46A750R1FXZA version SQ01 At plug in the relay clicks on and off but no start up. After a few attempts the set may come on.
SAMSUNG LN32A330J1DXZA version CJ03 Doesn't come on.
Samsung LNT4665FX/XAA Slow to come on and clicking : May eventually come on
SAMSUNG LNS4041DX/XAA ver. SP01 Blank screen after ½ hour or so. If turned off and let to cool down, the cycle can be repeated.
Samsung HPT5054 X / XAA Dark
Samsung LN32B360C5 Backlight shutdown : Pix flashes 3 times .
Samsung LN32B360C5D Changes channels and inputs by itself.
SAMSUNG DVDV2000 Doesn't come up.